Liu Family

I met Adrienne on a Facebook family travel group, Club Bebe Voyage. Her and her family were traveling from the United States to France on vacation and we were able to set up a time for a family session at the Palace of Versailles. … More Liu Family


Friends of ours kindly invited us to stay a night with them at their family home on our way to Paris from the south of France. It as absolutely beautiful there and the house had such a lovely garden! Everyone had a wonderful visit. … More London


Last weekend I helped take some photos at HEC-Paris’ MBAT. It’s a really neat event that the MBA program organizes and puts on every year. They invite other MBA programs from around the world (like Oxford, IESE, RSN) to compete in different sports such as football (soccer), rugby, volleyball, and many others.  My husband played … More HEC MBAT