1.5 Years Old


Our littlest turned 1.5 years old recently. We headed out to our local farm and took a few photos while she ran around in the flowers.


A little bit about Adeline: She loves animals and running around outside (and carrying her baby doll everywhere).

She also wants to be just like her big sister down to how when she sees London take a drink of water, she’ll run over and grab her cup and take a drink of water too.

She is stubborn and doesn’t hesitate to tell me “no” to something, but also loves to snuggle and give kisses and generally listens alright.

Her favorite words to say are “Thank you” , “Please” (when she wants me to play with her or she wants something), and “Play!” (usually when it’s time to sleep…).

She is a fantastic little girl and we love her so much!


I hope you enjoy these photos and if you’re interested, you can check out back when London was 1.5 years old here.


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