Quail Hill Loop

Our family went for a walk a few weeks ago and found Quail Hill Loop here in Irvine. It is so pretty! It makes me happy that we have a little bit of nature even in the middle of Orange County.

This would be a great place to take some family photos or couple photos (or any photos, really). There’s a nice easy trail that does a little loop (I believe it’s 1.8 miles total) around a field with wild flowers. Right at the beginning and end of the loop are some perfect spots for pictures.

A few days later, I took London with me and we got a handful of pictures that hopefully shows off how great this place is:

If you go to the left on the trail, you can see there’s a beautiful path lined with wild flowers. It’d be a great spot for some walking poses.
If you go to the right on the trail, you’ll find some tall wild flowers that make a great backdrop for pictures.
Aren’t those flowers just gorgeous?!
A great path for a short walk
This is at the beginning when walking up to the loop. You can’t even tell that there is a freeway a couple miles away.
Right at the parking lot, there’s a couple benches that have the loop as a backdrop. This would be a perfect spot for some posed photos.
We finally got a smile. 🙂

I loved coming to Quail Hill Loop. I think it’s a gorgeous spot for pictures and another great thing about it was that it wasn’t even busy. We only saw a few other people the entire time we were there.

I hope you love these pictures as much as I do!


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